Taira Shinken

Taira Shinken (L)

Minowa Katsuhiko (R)

Kinjo Masakazu

Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai


     Kobudo, literally translated, means the "old martial way." However, when we use the term kobudo we refer to weapons. More precisely, the weapons that Ryukyu Kobudo describes are the weapons used by the people of Okinawa in feudal times.


     Shin Shi Kan is a member of the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozonkai (The Okinawan Association for the Preservation of Old Martial Ways). Similar to karate, there are many different styles of kobudo. The style of kobudo practiced by our club decends from the Taira Shinken lineage passed down through Minowa Katsuhiko to Kinjo Masakazu and his sons Kinjo Satoshi and Kinjo Kenta.


     Shin Shi Kan's instructors and students benefit from extremely close ties with the Kubagawa Shubukan honbu dojo in Okinawa headed by Kinjo Masakazu Sensei. 


     Initially students study the sai and the bo. These two weapons 

form the core of our kobudo style. Once competency is established, the student will progress to other weapons while polishing their existing skills. In addition to the sai and bo, students have the opportunity to learn to use the tekko, nunchaku, tonfa, tinbe & rochin, kama, and eku.


     Skills with each weapon are developed through the practice of kihon (basic techniques), hojo undo (supplementary exercises), kata 

(forms), and yakusoku kumite (pre-arranged sparring). The techniques with each weapon practiced are functional, providing insight into the history and purpose of each motion.


     On Okinawa, it has been said that the practice of karate without 

kobudo is like riding a bicycle with one wheel. Shin Shi Kan's instructors fully endorse this belief and maintain that the practice of kobudo grants deeper insight into one's karate and can only help improve it.


     The kobudo program at Shin Shi Kan is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining our program please speak with us in person or contact us.


Kobudo - "Old Martial Way"